Monday, November 17, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: McCain/Obama Meeting, Obamas Charm '60 Minutes'

We're accustomed to hearing politicians promise that they'll be uniters, not dividers.

President-Elect Barack Obama made a similar vow during his presidential campaign, saying he'll reach across the partisan divide and welcome people of different beliefs into his administration because he doesn't want our nation to be divided into red states and blue states, but as simply be seen as united states.

So, as we read about potential Obama administration appointments (many of whom are from the Clinton administration -- Hello Senator Clinton! -- which isn't exactly reaching across the partisan aisle), Obama made at least one stride in a bipartisan direction by meeting with the man whom he defeated for the post of commander in chief less than two weeks ago. Arizona Senator John McCain gamely went to Chicago today and met with Obama. Hopefully both men will find a way to work together to solve serious problems and not just make photo ops.

Meanwhile, the 60 Minutes interview with Barack and Michelle Obama is creating some buzz today. I heard one radio talk show host complain that Michelle Obama was rudely interrupting Barack Obama too much. I watched it and don't agree at all. (See video below, or at this link.) When I watched them talk about the changes in their lives, their family and what Michelle will be doing as First Lady, I found their rapport to be charming. They are a real, post-Mad About You modern couple, complete with gentle teasing and not taking one another deadly seriously. Most couples I know who've been married as long as they have -- including The Spouse and I --often kid around with spouses like the Obamas did.

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The First Couple-in-Waiting also fielded questions about the new puppy they promised their daughters, as well as the prospect of Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, moving into the White House with them. (Link to the video is here.)

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