Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'Lipstick Jungle:' Not Quite Dead Yet

Either some reporters got it wrong and jumped the gun last week when they reported -- and I passed along in this space -- that NBC's Lipstick Jungle was going to be cancelled, or NBC execs have changed their minds.

Today's New York Times said:

". . . [A]s of this week Lipstick Jungle is breathing again. The reason: It showed signs of life on Friday and picked up 50 percent more viewers when delayed viewing (from DVRs and other devices) was included in the ratings for the episode broadcast a week earlier. Ben Silverman, the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, said the network will definitely finish the 13 episodes that it originally ordered — it has four more episodes to go — and may order more if the show 'grows more.'"

Whatever happened, I'm pleased and hope the show -- one of the few left (The New Adventures of Old Christine an being exception) whose lead characters are female -- will continue to explore issues of fortysomething successsful career women. Even if they do have better shoes, better clothes and better figures than I do.
If you're fond of watching the Lipstick gang too, then you'd better start tuning in, or DVRing, or it really will fade into TV oblivion. By the way, previously aired episodes can be watched for free on NBC's web site.

Image credit: NBC.

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