Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Poll Respondents Say Media Demonstrate a Gender Bias

The Daily Beast, a new web site created by Tina Brown, commissioned a poll of 1,000 voters conducted in the days immediately after the election. The results present an interesting snapshot of folks' thoughts about this past election and the issue of sexism in light of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin's candidacies. Among the findings:

-- 57 percent said the media have a gender bias, while 79 percent said the media treat male and female political candidates differently.

-- While most rejected the term "feminist," they resoundingly rejected the notion that because of how this presidential campaign unfolded and the ensuing treatment of Clinton and Palin, we won't likely see more women vying for top elected offices in the near future.

-- 64 percent strongly disagreed with the notion that men are more suited to be president.

-- 74 percent strongly disagreed with the idea that female political candidates are more emotional.

-- When it came to their perception of the climate for women in general, respondents said women are not treated equally at work, in politics or in the military. Home was the only place where a majority of those polled said women are treated equally. (I for one, would take issue with the issue of equity at home.)

Agree or disagree with the findings? Think the media demonstrated a gender bias toward Clinton and Palin?

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michellewaite1 said...

I know that many horrible things were said about both Clinton and Palin.
That said, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both ran for president and neither got very far. I think the main reason was that most Americans had serious reservations about these two men. Barak Obama ran and won.
I know that I did not support either of the woman, but it was not because they were woman, but because I did not agree with them or in one case I have to admit, I did not want the husband haning around the white house again.
I hope in 2012 or 2016 a woman runs who energizes and unites people like Barak Obama has and I will vote for her with pride. I will also have my sons watch another great moment in US history.
So, who ever she is out there, I can't wait to see our first female president.