Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm Doesn't Want to Know What Don Draper Would Do

Jon Hamm is featured in the December issue of In Style Magazine as its "Man of Style."

While Hamm, who stars as Don Draper on the award-winning Mad Men, waxed on about his childhood (his mother died when he was 10) and about growing up in Missouri, he also discussed style and Mad Men.

Saying he loves to read and that his preferred drink is bourbon, when asked if he ever thinks "What would Don Draper do?" Hamm said, "No, I don't think I'd like the answer -- he might tell me to do things I might not bounce back from."

Mad Men co-star January Jones, who plays his wife Betty Draper, said of Hamm, "He's a very intelligent, kind man, whose charm and looks are just a bonus. Jon's bringing 'gentleman' back."
Image credit: In Style Magazine.

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