Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Joe the Plumber Feels Hosed, All I Want for Christmas is a Senate Seat

Report: Joe the Plumber Feels Hosed by Presidential Campaign

The famous plumber who has a book (!) coming out this month, told a radio talk show host that after campaigning with Arizona Senator John McCain he felt "appalled" by some things he heard from the senator and that being on the campaign trail left him feeling "dirty." Say it ain't so Joe!

According to Glenn Beck's radio show's web site, here's what Joe the Plumber (the star of a pivotal presidential debate even though he wasn't on stage or running for office) said:

"When I was on the bus with [McCain], I asked him a lot of questions about the bailout because most Americans did not want that to happen. Yet he voted for it . . . And I asked him some pretty direct questions. Some of the answers you guys are gonna receive; they appalled me, absolutely. I was angry. In fact, I wanted to get off the bus after I talked to him."

He added: "I honestly felt even more dirty after I had been on the campaign trail and seen some things that take place. It was scary, man."

But Joe maintained that the prospect of a McCain administration scared him less than an Obama administration.

All I Want for Christmas is a Senate Seat

Just in time for Christmas, Senate seats seem to be cropping up on a lot of Christmas wish lists.

In New York, there's strong lobbying going on to promote Caroline Kennedy -- the last living legacy of Camelot -- to fill incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's post. Some folks are saying she's untested in the public arena and shouldn't ride in on the Kennedy name alone, as if she were entitled to the spot just because she wants it. Others point to her quiet grace, intellect and electability as a plus. As for me, I think that the Kennedy men have long profited from the Kennedy name, and if folks were willing to give those guys a pass regardless of their qualifications, the classiest of all the Kennedys should get a shot too. (PunditMom has an interesting take on the prospect of another Kennedy senator.)

Then, I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's a little dust-up going on over in the state of Illinois regarding the filling of President-Elect Barack Obama's Senate seat . . . something about the governor trying to sell it to the highest bidder, that is, when the gov wasn't extorting local news organizations.

When someone writes a definitive history of American politics, 2008, it will sound like something that emerged from Hollywood on the likes of The West Wing. The things that have happened this year are utterly unbelievable.


PunditMom said...

It will be interesting to see who ends up with the seat and whether the Illinois Gov. debacle has any impact on the choice.

Meredith O'Brien said...

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s chances seem very dim right now.

michellewaite1 said...

I have thought since early in the election that the democratic race was so close to the final season of West Wing, it we eery. I am glad Joe Biden did not have a heart attack on election night. Obama also won by a much larger margin then Matt Santos.
The writers of that show did not even manage to create as much drama as our actual policitians seem to manage.