Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Curious About George: Will He Exit 'Grey's' Too?

As Grey's Anatomy fans are adjusting to the abrupt departure of Dr. Erica Hahn and trying to figure out what the heck is going on with Izzie Stevens, comes the news that George O'Malley may leave too. The scoop-a-licious Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly (he has major Grey's sources) says that actor T. R. Knight wants to leave the hit medical drama:

"Multiple sources confirm that T.R. Knight has asked to be released from his contract, a request that both ABC and Grey's show-runner Shonda Rhimes appear poised to grant. 'They're working out the details now,' whispers an ABC insider."

This would be a shame. I see George's character as an everyman. He doesn't come from wealth (a la Callie Torres) and didn't have highly connected parents (a la Meredith Grey). He had a middle class American family upbringing and overcame the humiliation of failing his intern exam. He's the character whose flaws (the Gizzie debacle notwithstanding) are most relatable.

So if George leaves Seattle Grace, he'll leave a huge hole from which I seriously wonder if Grey's can recover. (One fan call George, as opposed to Meredith, "the heart" of Grey's.) Grey's, after all, is not ER, which, over a decade or so, has seen a cast of thousands go through its hospital doors. Grey's is intrinsically character-based, not really a medical procedural. Characters make or break it.

If George leaves, do you think it'll hurt Grey's irreparably?

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