Friday, January 16, 2009

Fans Rallying to Save 'Lipstick,' 'Mad Men's' Hamm to Guest on '30 Rock'

NBC has renewed the comedies The Office and 30 Rock, but still hasn't decided what to do with Lipstick Jungle, the embattled Brooke Shields drama about three fortysomething, successful gal pals in NYC, a show for which I've been cheerleading for a few weeks.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, an NBC honcho said of Lipstick, "We have to wait and see what our pilots are and what the mix of shows are." Whatever that means.
If you want to try to save the show, you could always join the rabid fans who, in addition to mailing tubes of lipstick to NBC, have started:

-- An online petition which says in part, "We are loyal fans that feel that Lipstick Jungle deserves a chance to stay on the air. It is a show based upon friendship, fashion, relationships and successful career driven women and it is what television needs nowadays. There are too many reality shows that people cannot relate to. Women can relate to Lipstick Jungle and relate to aspects of their lives. If you cancel the show you cancel a truly amazing show that deserves time to develop and progress the storylines."

-- Another petition says, "We, the undersigned, have greatly enjoyed NBC's Lipstick Jungle TV show. We are extremely disappointed that the series has been cancelled. We ask that you continue to produce more episodes so that it will have a chance at growing a larger audience."

-- A Facebook page which also attempts to rally supporters.

Meanwhile, images from Jon Hamm's (aka Don Draper) upcoming three-episode stint on 30 Rock as Tina Fey/Liz Lemon's love interest are cropping up on the internet. The Chicago Tribune's Maureen Ryan reports that Hamm will play a doctor who lives in Lemon's building and that his first episode will air on Feb. 5.

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