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Live Blogging the Golden Globe Awards

After being canceled last year due to the writers' strike and replaced by a wretched press conference that was about as exciting as watching C-SPAN, the Golden Globes are back baby.

I've spent the last hour-plus watching the insipid arrival shows (flipping back and forth between E! -- the network that is so exciting it requires punctuation -- and the TV Guide Channel).

Best moment I witnessed: Alec Baldwin hijacking the mike from Carson Daly and doing an Andy Rooney impersonation asking if anyone else found it irritating when they're asked irritating questions by E! reporters. My 10-year-old cheered when Miss Miley arrived with her Cyrus parents, when the Jonas trio and their ample hair set foot on the red carpet, as well as when she saw a slick-haired Zac Efron. (I must admit to laughing aloud when Carson tried to mug Bragelina with a mike on the red carpet and they blew him off.)
Once the Golden Globe show starts, I'll live blog my own Daly-esque commentary.

-- Best Supporting Actress, Drama, Film: Oh my God! What was presenter J. Lo. thinking with that dress? Was it a riff on her famous barely-there dress from years ago, the one Matt Lauer spoofed on the Today Show? ("Mama talkin'" J. Lo. told the overly chatty crowd. Maybe I should try that line at home and see if everyone shuts up.)

Kate Winslet won for supporting actress in The Reader. I adore her. Can't wait to see this film. She's so classy . . . We here in my house are taking bets on whether she drops the statue onto the floor while she tries to catch her breath . . . Good for her, she didn't drop the golden paper weight AND they didn't cut off her uninspiring speech.

-- Best Original Song, Motion Picture: What was up with Sting looking like a mountain man? . . . Bruce won for his original son for The Wrestler. My 7-year-old who's a Boss fan applauded. My 10-year-old daughter who worships Miley (up for her Bolt song) is irate.

-- Best Supporting Actor, TV: I'm hoping for Tom Wilkinson or Blair Underwood (In Treatment), the award went to Tom for John Adams, actually for playing Ben Franklin in John Adams not for playing Adams himself, a great HBO miniseries I highly recommend it.

-- Best Supporting Actress, TV: Loaded category here. I have many, many favorites. I can't decide who I want to win . . . the Golden Globe voters chose Laura Dern for HBO's Recount, a movie about the 2000 presidential election Florida gridlock.

-- Best Actor in TV, Drama: Jon Hamm . . . Jon Hamm. (Of Mad Men, don't you know . . . Though I wouldn't be crushed if Hugh Laurie of House won.) . . . Wow. Gabriel Byrne from HBO's In Treatment walked away with the award, symbolically, as he wasn't there in person. He WAS pretty solid and intriguing, definitely worthy, but I was rooting for Don Draper.

-- Best Actress in TV, Drama: I don't do vampire (otherwise known as Anna Paquin from True Blood who snagged this trophy). I wanted January Jones who killed this season in Mad Men as Betty Draper, to win. The Drapers better not go home empty-handed.

-- This presenter, Ricky Gervais cracks me up. He's so dry -- even though he showed up to the mike with a beer and drank it on stage -- I'm talkin' as dry comedically as Bob Newhart. He started off by chastizing the overly-chatty crowd for not shutting up: "Shh! How rude are you lot? Just because you're film stars. Shh! I'm not in charge. I'm not even nominated, which is kind of annoying . . . I'm like staff . . . Winslet, I told you, do a Holocaust movie and the awards come." (A reference to an episode of his HBO show Extras where his character had a conversation with Winslet about the propensity of Holocaust movies to be awards magnets.) I'm going to have to find this bit on YouTube and post it here later.

-- Best Animated Film: (Jonas fever from my gal; the boys are the presenters. Wonder what their voices will sound like in a few years . . .) Wall-E, winner. Unlike the rest of the world, I wasn't overwhelmed by this movie. My kids loved it though.

-- Best Actress, Film, Comedy/Musical: Could presenter Johnny Depp sound more bored (or stoned) by the way? Can you say Mamm. . . whaat? No Meryl? Who the heck is this chick, Sally Hawkins, from Happy-Go-Lucky? What IS Happy-Go-Lucky? Never heard of it. Nobody expected her to win, apparently, as she was seated in the theater's annex and took about 47 minutes to get to the stage . . . Emma Thompson was such a good sport for, even after losing in this category, cheering on the unknown actress. (Who were those people who were briefly on camera directly in front of the stage who were talking during the unknown actress' clipped, rambling speech chatting? Rude.)

-- Best Miniseries/TV Movie: I cannot speak highly enough of John Adams. Come to think of this, I need to watch it again. Note to self: Check "On Demand" or Netflix it.

-- Best Supporting Actor, Film: Heath Ledger for Dark Knight. This is so sad. The film's director, Chris Nolan was very respectful in his acceptance speech on Ledger's behalf.

-- NBC's Tom Brokaw announcing Frost/Nixon's best picture, drama, nomination. Hmm. Interesting choice. Grew up watching him. This is another film on my list.

-- Best Actress Miniseries/TV Movie: John Adams fevah. Laura Linney for her great performance as Abigail Adams.

-- Let's hear it for da writahs! The folks whose imaginations create all this good stuff. Best Screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire. I've gotta see why everyone is talking about this movie. I don't even know what it's about.

-- Best Actor TV, Comedy: Alec "He Who Hath Stolen the Mike From Carson Daly" Baldwin from 30 Rock. "I feel so old. I remember when I used to bring Rumer Willis a juice box on the set of a movie," Baldwin said, referring to the Golden presenter Gal (Demi & Bruce's eldest daughter). Well deserved.

-- Best Actor Miniseries/TV Movie: It's a John Adams sweep my friends. (Paul Giamatti was fabulous, in his wretched teeth, or lack thereof.) Read your history kids. Or just watch it on HBO.
-- Best TV Series, Comedy: 30 Rock: 'tis the Divine Miss Fey's year. She be rockin' the Golden Globes house in her deeply V-cut dress (wonder what the folks who wrote that piece on the glamorization of Fey think of it). She, however, passed the award statue to co-star Tracy Morgan who was very, very funny, challenging Cate Blanchett and proclaiming himself the new face of "post-racial America." (Wonder if her gesture was a nod toward the notion that she's in danger of being overexposed?)

-- Best Actress TV, Comedy: Teee-na. Teee-na. . . 30 Rock. "I really love the Hollywood Foreign Press. As a kid I had all the Hollywood Foreign Press action figures," she said. ". . . If you're ever feeling too good about yourself they have this thing called the Internet" where you can find people who don't like you. Goin' after the haters. Like it.

-- Best Director, Film: Tough category. But it's a Slumdog kinda night. That's three awards thus far.

-- Best Actor, Film, Comedy: Colin Farrell, In Bruges. "They must've done the counting in Florida, an absolute shock, really," Farrell said.

-- Best Film, Comedy/Musical: Vicky Christina Barcelona. Wow. Guess they don't like Abba or Meryl Streep this year at the Hollywood Foreign Press. I was highly expecting Meryl's band of dancers and singers to box step their way to the win.

-- Best Actress, Film, Drama: Brilliant! Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road. I love how authentically excited she was to win this award. "Oh please wrap up? You have no idea how much I am not wrapping up! Gather," Winslet said. (Note to self: Incorporate the phrase, "Gather" into my daily vocabulary when in a tight spot.) ". . . My God, thank you so much."

-- Best TV Series, Drama: Made my night. Mad Men. The Drapers did NOT go home empty-handed after all. The best (or tied for best with Lost) show on TV right now got more deserved props. The second season of Mad Men was just as good as the first. . . So this means, by my calculations, that 30 Rock -- for Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and best comedy series -- was the only big three network show to win anything. All other TV awards went to cable shows.

-- Best Actor, Film, Drama: Shocker of the night (at least to me) . . . next to the Happy-Go-Lucky winner. Mickey Rourke won for The Wrestler, he and his sparkly scarf. (I recently read a review of this film in Entertainment Weekly recently. They loved this.) Rourke hiked up his pants when he stepped behind the microphone but didn't remove his shades. Interesting.

-- Best Film, Drama: Okay, you folks from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. You've convinced me. I'll see Slumdog Millionaire, but I wanna see Winslet in Revolutionary Road first, then we'll talk.

Thoughts on the award winners? The broadcast? Please feel free to chime in below.

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