Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still Catchin' Up, JUST Saw 'Lost' Premiere . . . Brain is Cramped

When my family and I arrived back home from a week at Disney World on Sunday evening -- after traveling for eight-plus hours -- The Spouse and I were too tired and lacked the brain capacity to take in the two-hour premiere of Lost that was burning a hole in my DVR. Last night we were finally able to settle in for the two-hour island extravaganza.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead. Do not proceed if you have yet to see the new Lost episode.*

And after watching the antics of the Oceanic 6 & Co., I'm starting to grow concerned about how the second half of this series is going to play out. Can the writers tidily wrap everything up in a neat bow? Will things make sense by the time we get to the last episode or will we have to, because we're Lost fans, pretend as though everything makes sense?

In order for this new phase of the show to make sense, we have to buy into the fact that the island is time traveling, but our castaways -- plus freighter crew folks and Juliet -- remain the same, as if they're being moved like game pieces along a timeline.

We're supposed to continue to believe -- without being given a reason -- that the people who were on the island but are now back in the real world are able to see people who have died on the island, like Hurley's Ana Lucia sighting (and saying Libby said hello!) and Jack seeing his father in the hospital.

Hurley's recap provides a vivid description of what the writers still have to explain for this all to come to a fabulous conclusion (link to the video here):

One of my favorite TV shows, Alias, lost some of its creative mojo when the writers didn't seem as though they knew how to fit the individual episodes into a larger picture to logically complete the story. I hope the same fate doesn't befall Lost. In order for it to play out to my satisfaction a lot of questions must eventually be addressed, not just abandoned. However I am patient. I will wait.

That being said, as for last week's two-hour season premiere, I was left feeling intrigued.

I was surprised to see so much focus on Hurley. (Cannot wait to see how one of TV's great evil geniuses -- Ben --is going to bust Hurley out of jail.)

The notion of the island itself time traveling, while the people who were on it (or in the water next to it) when Ben triggered the time traveling subterranean wheel remain the same, puts an entirely different twist on the show. Thus far, the series had only leaped backward and forward in time to illustrate something about the characters' backstories and personalities.

However now that some of the characters themselves have been unmoored from time -- time travel had seemingly been limited to Desmond and Daniel -- all bets are off. Throw in what Daniel said about how you cannot change what has already happened, yet he went against that line of argument by visiting Desmond when he was hatch-sitting to urge him to seek out his mother, and I'm hooked, as well as crossing my fingers that I won't be disappointed

Now that you've had time to ponder the season five premiere, what do you think?

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TM_Erin said...

I am excited to see where LOST goes from here - there are SO many questions to answer that I feel like it's rejuvenated the series a bit.

I too loved Alias - Sydney waking up and missing 2 years blew my mind but fast forward to a giant red ball floating over Russia...blah. I hope the LOST writers have a cohesive ending planned.

Meredith O'Brien said...

I'm hoping that the time travel is played out in a thoughtfully satisfying way, not in a lame, throw-away fashion that insults our intelligence. I'll really be ticked if that happens.

And as for Sydney waking up and missing two years of her life, it was a fascinating concept, but the way it was ultimately resolved irritated me. I also didn't like the bad Sloane/good Sloane/bad Sloane dance. He was best as bad Sloane . . . which is why I can't buy him as a kindly uncle on "Brothers & Sisters." I keep waiting for his character to meet some guy named Rambaldi.