Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: NBC 'Nightly News' to Protect Obama Girls' Privacy

This is one of the reasons why I'm an NBC Nightly News fan. Aside from the fact that I really admire the way anchor Brian Williams delivers the news and selects which segments to highlight each weeknight, there are classy moments -- like this one last night -- that remind me why, when it comes to big news, I prefer to turn to the down-to-earth Williams.

In a segment near the end of Monday night's broadcast (link is here), Williams ran some still photos of Malia and Sasha Obama that were released by their father's transition team of the girls and their parents preparing for the girls' first day of school in Washington. Then he said that, like his predecessor, NBC Nightly News would refrain from hounding Malia and Sasha with cameras and would only cover their exploits if a news event specifically warrants such coverage.

In the day and age where there are the thousands of web sites and the 24/7 cable news networks willing to exploit the children of celebrities and politicians -- some which go so far as to declare diaper-wearing toddlers of celebs as being very hip and fashionable (as if the kids were picking out their attire), it's refreshing to see that a major news organization (or at least the Nightly News) plans to give Malia and Sasha a break and won't chronicle their every move and document their wardrobe selections.

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