Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get your DVRs Ready for Winter TV: Lost, 24, Big Love, Friday Night Lights, Medium

I'd forgotten how many new shows would be premiering early this winter other than Lost, 24 and Big Love, all favorites of mine, though 24 has to seriously prove itself to me after its lackluster previous season which aired some 27 years ago.

Then I read this article in today's New York Times which reminded me that gobs of new programs will be starting soon.

Like NBC's Friday Night Lights.

To help goose the critical darling's challenged ratings, NBC first aired the third season of FNL on DirectTV during the fall before unveiling it to the network viewers this winter. I have a particular soft spot for this Texas football drama which isn't really about football. (See my review of last season here, where I muse on the amazing work done by Connie Britton as Tami Taylor -- see photo above -- the high school football coach's wife who just returned to work at the high school after having a baby.)

Then I spotted NBC's Medium on the list. Medium tends to be dismissed by some as simply a creepy show about someone who speaks with the dead, not exactly something with which most viewers can relate. But it feels down-to-earth because of the performances by Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber, as the show's main married couple and parents of three.

Of course the premiere to which I'm most looking forward is Lost. Will they actually go back to the island this season? Will Sun really conspire with Widmore? Oh the questions!

Show premiere dates:

24, Fox: Sunday, January 11.

Lost, ABC: Wednesday, January 21.

Big Love, HBO: Sunday, January 18.

Friday Night Lights, NBC: Friday, January 16.

Medium, NBC: Monday, February 2.

Any winter show to which you're particularly looking forward to seeing?

Image credit: NBC.


Sissy said...

I adore Medium!

I probably shouldn't 'adore' a tv show, hu? Well, that's just another reason I suck I guess.

I'm loving your blog

Christine said...

Definitely Lost and 24! I agree though that 24 needs to be better than last season and Lost might lose me if I don't get some answers soon. Not all of them, but last season was very frustrating. I might try Friday Night Lights, though.