Monday, February 9, 2009

Cuddy's Got New Mom Angst on 'House'

Cuddy + New Baby = Angst . . . at least on the Fox show House, which dealt very bluntly and realistically in its past few episodes with the scary, not-so-nice feelings that sometimes accompany parenthood.

I dedicated this week's Pop Culture & Politics column to Dr. Lisa Cuddy's transition from being a single-minded, high-powered career gal, to being a career gal with a new baby.

Image credit: Fox/Adam Taylor via this web site.

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mominsanity said...

I really appreciate what they're doing on House with Cuddy. I mean, new parenthood isn't easy and isn't always immediate bonding, which is what I think that the mainstream media generally pushes on us. If, G-D forbid, you don't have it easy, then the problem is you, is the message. Chalk this up as another reason I love House!