Wednesday, February 18, 2009

USA Today Critic: 'Lost' and '24' are Best Shows on TV

While praising the much-improved seasons of two popular, primetime dramas that have unfolded since January, USA Today's Robert Bianco says that Lost and 24 are "remarkably good," and "the two best shows on TV."

About 24, Bianco wrote:

"Because it fell further from grace, the course corrections at 24 are probably more noticeable. In place of the hysterics and overdone family histrionics of the last go-round, we have a stripped-down plot that frees Jack (the reliably terrific Kiefer Sutherland) from back-story build-up and returns the show to its roots."

On Lost, he said:

"If people seem less happy with Lost, it may be because the show rejected more-readily grasped answers to its mystery (dream, purgatory, alien abduction) in favor of a smarter but more complicated solution . . . And you can think of Lost now as the network equivalent of The Wire, a challenging show telling its story in its own way, and brilliantly."

Are Lost and 24 the best shows on TV? That would leave out 30 Rock, and doesn't include, I'd think, Mad Men, which isn't currently airing new episodes.

Image credit: Fox via Access Hollywood.

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The Rush Blog said...

"24" and "LOST" are the two best shows on the air? God, what a joke!