Monday, March 30, 2009

'Lipstick' Days Are Over . . . 'In the Motherhood' in Jeopardy?

Sending tubes of lipstick to the NBC HQ may have temporarily staved off the cancellation of Brooke Shields' Lipstick Jungle. But no more. 'Tis the end of the road. The fat lady has sung. The end has arrived for the trio of Lipstick Jungle gals. The show has been canceled.

But then again, the news stories about the show's stars jumping ship and joining the casts of other TV programs should have given us viewers a clue that the Jungle would not be resurrected . . . yet one more TV show about powerful women to be tossed to the scrap-heap.

Meanwhile, news about ABC's brand new show, In the Motherhood -- a comedy about three mothers, including Will & Grace's Megan Mullaly and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines -- is likewise grim. The Los Angeles Times reports that the original 13-episode order was cut to seven. Doesn't bode well, my friends.

I saw In the Motherhood's premiere last week. It was okay, nothing genius, but still, it had potential. I wish that ABC would give the show a longer leash and not be so trigger-happy to cancel and cut back. If all of comedies were cut off or put on notice so quickly, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy many years of Seinfeld, which wasn't exactly brilliant at the start. Just sayin'.

Image credit: NBC/TV Guide.

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