Friday, March 27, 2009

Go Coach Taylor: 'Friday Night Lights' Gets Two More Seasons

The New York Post and Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello are reporting that the critically acclaimed yet ratings challenged Friday Night Lights has been approved for two more seasons.

How great is that that we FNL fans don't have to wonder, as we've had to at the conclusion of each season, whether the season finale is actually a series finale?

The show has consistently provided gritty, realistic portrayals of life in a small Texas town dominated by high school football and populated by people who need a distraction from their lives. The disintegration of Buddy Garrity's life, including his recent estrangement from daughter Lyla, and the struggles of Tyra Collette to break away from a life where she's judged by her looks and whether she's got a good man, have been outstanding. The storyline for high school senior Matt Saracen, including how his demotion from the first string QB to back up has a negative impact on whether this kid will get a college scholarship, is one of the primary reasons why this is the football show that's not really about football.

Last week's scene where Coach Eric Taylor walked in on his daughter Julie in bed with her boyfriend Matt, made my husband squirm. Later, when Julie's mom Tami Taylor had a tearful conversation with Julie about how she wished she'd waited before having sex made me grab for the tissues. Gotta love the Taylors.

Image credit: NBC via EW.

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