Friday, March 27, 2009

'Lost Untangled:' He's Our You

*Spoilers from Lost y'all!*

Raise your hands if, following the last scene of the recent episode of Lost, you either: 1) Gasped 2) Felt your brain melting 3) Yelled, "No WAY!" or 4) All of the above. (I went with number four.)

That last scene with Sayid/Little Ben just can't be what it seems. I'm of the mind that there's no way Little Ben will die from the gunshot wound. (Unless of course he does and I'm proven wrong. AGAIN!) Popular theories online about what will happen include: That Jack will save Little Ben again, as he did with his spinal tumor (without saying he's a doctor thus risk exposing himself, Kate and Hurley) or that the island will heal Ben and christen him as the island's chosen one so he can ascend to a leadership position in Dharmaville. Little Ben just couldn't have been fatally wounded, could he?

Was thrilled to have a Sayid-centric installment that weirdly paralleled a Ben storyline. How sad was it to see the manipulative Big Ben unceremoniously announce that, after Sayid executed his "last" Widmore associate, that he was all done with Sayid? The look on Sayid's face when Ben declared him to be a natural born killer was heartbreaking, as was the look on Little Ben's face when his abusive Workman dad slammed the then-12-year-old up against Sayid's jail cell.

While trying to absorb the issues raised in "He's Our You" -- topics ranging from whether you're born with the killer instinct or you develop one based on what happened to you as a child, to issues of the compromises one makes to maintain one's status quo (a la Sawyer/LaFleur) -- I watched ABC's latest Lost Untangled video. This was the funniest one yet. My favorite parts: The spoof on Juliet and Kate's awkward conversations, the refrain: "Sawyer, I mean, LaFLEUR!," the phrase "sexy Boba Fett" and the little bus, both the flaming and the non-flaming version. (Link to the video here.)

Your theories on the fate of Ben? Please, chime in.

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