Thursday, March 5, 2009

U2 on Letterman, Five Nights in a Row

I know this is going to make me seem unbelievably unhip and old and all, but I've been unable to stay awake to watch one of my favorite bands, U2, on David Letterman this week. For those who hadn't heard, they're the musical guests on Letterman each night this week aggressively promoting their new CD. I've just been too tired and haven't even bothered to DVR Letterman so I could fast-forward to watch their performances. I did make a valiant effort on Monday night though, but fell asleep before the first guest, Katie Couric, came on stage.

I haven't seen Jimmy Fallon's new chat show either this week. If I can't stay up to watch Letterman, definitely can't make Fallon. Last time I watched Late Night was when I had a baby in the house and that was some seven years ago.

Courtesy of YouTube, I saw U2 band mates doing Letterman's Top Ten list last night. It was mildly amusing, some funny in there, but it didn't seem like they were all that thrilled to be doing it.

Before you ask, no, I haven't yet downloaded the new U2 songs. I know, what heresy! Makes me not a "real" fan, yadda, yadda, yadda! (I'm sure my brother, a "dedicated" fan already downloaded the songs.) Whatever. It's not like the songs are going to be "spoiled" for me like a TV show or film's twists and turns could be ruined if you hear about them before watching.

For the U2 fans in the house, have you already downloaded the new songs? What do you think? Critics seem to be giving it mixed reviews and have been less than enthusiastic.

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