Monday, March 2, 2009

'24's' Two Hours Tonight, Plus Jack-Renee Future Hook-Up Possibility?

24 -- which has been getting some critical praise this season -- is airing a two-hour Jack-stravaganza tonight. (Guess Greg House & Co. are taking a break.) My DVR's in ready mode, lest I get delayed by any small people in my house who try to thwart my Bauer fix.

I was extremely surprised that the 24 writers wrapped up the Dubaku storyline so quickly and have already moved on to a different chapter of the seventh day, involving the possible targeting of the White House by angry terrorists and the president being held hostage. (Washington, and possibly the White House, are also potential targets in Heroes, which also airs on Monday nights. Interesting. Wonder what to make of that?)

The pacing, thus far, has been good, the tension deftly amped up. I've been impressed, considering the mess that was the previous season, however I thought it inane to see Dubaku hit the pause button on his bad ass activities in order to deal with his gal pal and discuss lasagna . . . but what do I know about the mind of the 24 bad guys?

I was unhappy to read the trial balloon floated in Newsday that creators are considering having Jack and FBI agent Renee Walker have some kind of romantic somethin', somethin'. Verne Gay quoted 24 producer Howard Gordon as saying that there may be something brewing between those two in the future. Maybe the recent face-slapping Renee gave Jack -- "Do you feel this?" -- turned him on. I just don't want to see Renee Walker turned into Audrey Raines. I'd rather watch Dubaku eating lasagna.

Image credit: Fox via Newsday.

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