Monday, March 2, 2009

Coraline & Work-from-Home Parents

Took my twin 10-year-olds to see the dark, animated film Coraline recently, and was thrilled to learn that my kids took a good message away from it: You should be grateful for what you've got, parent-wise. (At least they SAID that's what they took away from it. They could've been playin' me, who knows?)

The movie features an 11-year-old girl, Coraline Jones, who's frustrated that her work-from-home writer parents don't make her the center of their universe and are too busy working all the time. When Coraline's given the opportunity to visit an alternative world, where her mom and dad appear to be the perfect parents who dote on her and serve all manner of goodness her way, she learns that there's a sinister side to getting everything you think you desire.

I wrote about the film, and my fourth graders' reactions to it, in my recent Pop Culture & Politics column.

Have you seen Coraline? What'd you think?

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