Thursday, April 23, 2009

So-So 'Lost' Clip Show But Amusing Jorge Garcia Interview

Last night's Lost clip show was clearly an attempt to camouflage the time travel/can-you-change-the-future?/sci-fi geekness that has been extremely pronounced this season, so pronounced that ABC felt it necessary to create new Lost Untangled videos each week to explain what you saw on the show. The clips focused almost exclusively on the relationships between characters and de-emphasized the more confusing aspects of the show as it has unfolded this season, such as whether the arrival of the Oceanic 6 on the island in 1977 will change future events, what impact saving Kid Ben had or didn't have, etc.

Not that I dislike the relationship emphasis mind you -- in fact that's one of the things of which I'm most fond -- but I felt like the so-called "new" episode last night was a naked attempt to lure new viewers into the last few installments by saying, "Yeah, what you've heard about Lost being complicated and all geeked out with this time travel and killer/judgmental black smoke. Not so much."

Anyway . . . earlier this week while reading the web site Jezebel, I came across this clip of Jorge Garcia (Hurley) being interviewed on the Bonnie Hunt Show (a program I've never watched, though not due to any antipathy for the host). The funniest part about it was when Garcia mentioned that he cannot look at Matthew Fox (Jack) during serious scenes or they'll both crack up. (Link to the video here.)

Tangential note: The Boston Globe's Joanna Weiss cracked me up yesterday. When making her TV recommendations for Wednesday night viewing, she wrote of Lost: "A 'retrospective,' which means a 'clip show.' Which means another week before we learn what Sawyer did to Jimmy Barrett." For those of you not in the loop, Jimmy Barrett is a Mad Men character played by Patrick Fischler, who plays Phil on Lost, an inside joke for fans of Lost and Mad Men, of which I am one.

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