Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Third Season of 'Army Wives' Begins June 7

As the traditional television season comes to a close with spring season finales for big shows like Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, The Office, 24, 30 Rock and Lost approaching, it's good to know that, aside from watching my beloved Boston Red Sox on TV, there will be some new TV programming to sample.

That includes Army Wives on Lifetime, which premieres its third season on June 7.

I was late to this whole Army Wives thing. The show has a very dedicated following, which I learned while preparing for a column about the women on Army Wives. I bought the season one DVD set, watched it in one sitting, and then caught up on season two episodes which I'd DVRed.

After watching them, I found that while some aspects of the show can be overly sentimental, it can have some stilted dialogue and doesn't have uniformly solid acting, Army Wives can be entertaining and, most importantly, enlightening. I don't have anyone in my family or circle of friends who's involved in the military or has served. The lives of military families are completely foreign to me and, given that our country is fighting a two-front war and President Obama has said he wants to amp up the action in Afghanistan, I think that trying to understand their struggles is something I think is worthwhile.

So as much as I may mock Lifetime TV, my DVR will have a regular appointment on Sunday nights this summer.


Christine said...

While I agree with most of the points that the "Army Wives" detractors make, I still love that show. I saw that it's starting again June 7th, and made a little squeal noise. I'm so surprised by how much I'm looking forward to it.

Sonia said...

Thats great, I am very excited for this season and even I saw its some trailer and its looking an great as the previous 2 seasons. Watch Army Wives Online from here only in a single click...