Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'Grey's Anatomy' Hits 100 Episodes with Big Wedding (?) & Sick Izzie

I've been with Grey's Anatomy since day one. I've hung in there through a series of obnoxiously preposterous storylines, like dead Denny having sex with Izzie, George/Meredith, George/Izzie, Callie living in Seattle Grace's basement even though we later learned that she has a giant tru$t fund (was that ever explained, by the way, why she was living in the basement because she was rich?).

I stuck with the show because I have a soft spot for the dark and twisty Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). And not because we share the same first name. Unlike those who despise her character, dismiss it as whiny, indecisive and narcissistic, I've seen her as an emotionally embattled survivor who doesn't see the world quite the way others do. And that's what I like that about her, particularly given her circumstances.

Meredith had an absent and borderline emotionally abusive workaholic mother who never seemed to believe in her daughter. Meredith's father also abandoned her after he divorced Meredith's mother, and instead chose to love and raise his second family and blow off his only child from his first marriage. When her mother got sick with Alzheimers, Meredith had to care for her until she death. The man with whom she fell in love conveniently forgot to tell her he was married, until his unfaithful wife confronted the two of them. Then the love of Meredith's life chose to try to patch things up with his wife, all the while giving longing looks to the heart-broken Meredith who was working in the hospital. Meredith then had a bomb squad guy -- Coach Eric Taylor! -- blow up in front of and all over her. Her father, who lapsed into alcoholism, blamed Meredith for the accidental death of her step-mother. Meredith then attempted suicide and nearly died.

From the ashes of all of that, Meredith Grey emerged as a semi-sane, fiercely loyal, talented physician who still adores Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), the man who jerked her around, became impatient with her emotional distress and toyed with her emotions. I respect Meredith's character and find her interesting. I've always felt that McDreamy was just a sideshow with hair gel. Meredith is the real deal, hence the show being called GREY'S Anatomy, not Seattle Grace.

However as we approach the show's 100th episode Thursday night -- which is supposed to feature Meredith and Derek's wedding -- I do so with great trepidation, fearful of more melodramatic dead Denny scenes, Izzie dying right after/before the ceremony (so Katherine Heigl will get some Emmy-worthy material) or some weird medical crisis I can't even imagine . . . yet one more thing or incident that will detract from Meredith's desire to lead a low-keyed life with her friends beside her. I'm hoping, sincerely, really hoping that the episode is not over-the-top.


Anonymous said...

I hope that was said in jest. Surely you are aware that the show is not called Grey's Anatomy because of Meredith, but because of the medical reference book.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Umm... I did not enjoy reading that :-P
I'm an MD shipper, but what you just said about my DerBear... it broke my heart !
He didn't jerk her around ! Quite the opposite. And he's the most patient man there is !

But anyway...

(And IMO, Mer sucks :-P)

Michelle said...

I too have seen every episode and concerned with the 100th show for the very same reasons.

I also wanted to comment on the anonymous comment above... While the show IS named because of the medical reference book, do you really think there is no relation to Meredith's name as well?

Anonymous said...

Meredith, thanks for sharing your thougths. I feel the same way about Meredith Grey, she is my favorite character because she is indeed loyal & compassionate in spite of it all. Derek, though Mcdreamy image has been sold, has been less than honorable IMO. Having said that, I love the storyline between them. Write about it in fact as I despised the way they broke up the last time 4.11 - yes, Grey's obsessed.

Would like to point out that though Grey's Anatomy may indeed be a reference to the book of the smilar name, it was Henry Gray who wrote that back in 1918 I believe, and it is Gray with an A.


Meredith said...

Dear First Anonymous Commenter: "Gray's Anatomy" was the original text. ( It's no coincidence that the main character's last name is "Grey," hence the show's name as GREY, not GRAY.

Serena said...

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