Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TV Squad Puts 'Grey's' In the Crosshairs

TV Squad (full disclosure: for which I used to blog) has a new list out. They love lists. This time, the web site puts 10 shows in the crosshairs and targets them for cancellation. Topping TV Squad's "Series That Should be Canceled" is Grey's Anatomy, writing: "I cannot take one more minute of Meredith whining. I've reached my limit." (See why I DON'T think Meredith is a whiner and why I root for her character, here.)

Included among the other programs that TV Squad targets are: Survivor, American Idol, Brothers & Sisters, a CSI, a Law & Order and Private Practice (lots of hating on Shonda Rhimes here, although the Violet-being-held-captive-for-unwilling-C-section scenes in the season finale were patently insane, plus her refusal to test for whose baby she was carrying was annoying to no end).

I must, however, disagree with the list, at least as far as Grey's goes . . . as long as the remainder of the Grey's season doesn't go whole-hog dead Denny-ish wacko on me. If that happens, I may find myself concurring with TV Squad, but not because Meredith's a "whiner."

Is there any TV series which you wish would just be put out of its misery?

Image credit: ABC.

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