Friday, June 5, 2009

'Army Wives' Starts Season 3 Sunday, Come Here Monday for Recap

The third season of Army Wives on Lifetime TV commences Sunday night at 10. After the cliffhanger season finale last year which had: The Holden family preparing to ship off to NATO in Brussels only to find that their 16-year-old daughter has gone missing, Denise Sherwood having a fling with a former patient now that she's separated from her husband, Pamela Moran being fired from her radio job, Roxy LeBlanc worrying about losing the bar and Lt. Col. Joan Burton heartbroken that she's going to be shipped off to Iraq and have to leave her baby and husband behind, there are a whole lot of issues that need tendin'.

As I've been busy working on my Pop Culture column for next week -- which'll be all about Army Wives -- I decided to start doing a recap/review here on Mondays called, Army Wives Monday. Hopefully any fans of the show -- as well as its critics -- will join me here on Mondays to offer their comments and observations.

Image credit: Lifetime.

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