Friday, June 5, 2009

'Lost Untangled:' The Long-Awaited Satirical Explainer for the Season Finale

I now understand why we've had to wait weeks for ABC to finally release the season's last Lost Untangled video online. They've apparently decided that the low-keyed, low-tech use of plastic action figures, cardboard character cut-outs and goofy voices was insufficient. They had to go with some "special effects" (i.e. -- fires and explosions). And add music.

While the season finale version of Lost Untangled did contain a few amusing moments, it wasn't as funny or clever as the bulk of the Lost Untangled videos we've seen throughout the year. The best part about them was the fact that they were so low-tech and silly, explaining the twisty, off-kilter Lost plots succinctly while simultaneously entertaining us with shtick. The gentle-mocking-while-explaining technique was effective. However this Lost Untangled finale -- with its own music and a dancing statue -- simply didn't do it for me, though seeing the Locke action figure inside the box and showing Phil getting killed, twice, did make me chuckle. (Link to the video here.)

What do you think of the season finale wrap-up?

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