Friday, June 19, 2009

Entertainment Weekly's Fatherly Flicks

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, Entertainment Weekly is out with a list of the top 24 movies to watch with dad.

I'd already been thinking about dads and movies when I read this online because, just last night I bought my father three DVDs of films I thought he'd really like: Field of Dreams, Bull Durham and Hoosiers. (Yes, we're a sports-fan family.) I've watched all of these films, albeit a long time ago, with my dear old dad, and to me, they have a special meaning. (No, I'm not worried about revealing my father's Father's Day gift in this space because he doesn't read anything that's online unless my mother prints it out for him. Mom, please don't print this one out, 'kay?)

However only one of the classic films I bought made it onto Entertainment Weekly's dad-kid movies list: Field of Dreams, which came in at number 17. My father's all-time favorite flick, The Godfather -- which he watches every, single, time he stumbles upon it on TV -- only made it to number 15.

The EW list is eclectic and unconventional. Here's the top 10:

1. Paper Moon (Starring the father-daughter combo of Ryan and Tatum O'Neal.)
2. Revenge of the Nerds
3. The Champ
4. Father of the Bride (This came out at the same time I was getting married, so it reliably makes my dad teary-eyed.)
5. Elf (One of my new favorite Christmas movies.)
6. Return of the Jedi ("Luke, I am your fa-a-a-theeer." I know, Darth Vader uttered that line in The Empire Strikes Back, but in the last final Star Wars movie, Luke and Darth made amends, hence it landing on this list.)
7. Say Anything (Have boombox, will travel.)
8. Wall Street (I don't get this one. Seriously.)
9. Rudy
10. Full Metal Jacket

If you were going to make up a top 5 list of the best films to watch with your dad, which movies would be on it?

Image credit: Entertainment Weekly.

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