Thursday, June 18, 2009

TLC Using Gosselins' Marital Turmoil for Ratings: Monday's 1-Hr Special

This just in . . . TLC will be giving Jon and Kate Gosselin -- the parents of sextuplets and a set of twins who all star in their own reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 -- a whole hour of primetime TV. For a Jon & Kate Special. And they'll make "an announcement."

As I've written before, I feel badly for the Gosselins, who clearly didn't bargain that their marriage would collapse in front of national TV cameras. They likely needed the money the show affords them (plus the new house, the ability to snare book deals, etc.) to pay for the care of eight kids under the age of 10. (I don't know the details of their contract with TLC and whether they have the ability to get out of this show if they wanted, given the turmoil in their home.)

But what I do know is that many media outlets, like TLC and Us Weekly (which put a Gosselin-related story on the cover for seven consecutive weeks) have been reaping the benefits while this family is falling to pieces. What will happen during Monday night's Jon & Kate special? One thing's for sure, TLC will likely pull in monster ratings while the Gosselins' hearts, and marriage, are breaking. (Link to TLC promo here.)

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