Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Emmys: What Did Ya Think?

My apologies for the delay in posting this . . . I was busy writing up this column for Mommy Track'd about last night's Emmys, writing my Mad Men recap/review, caring for two sick kids and then callously leaving them in the care of an uncle while I dashed off to Foxborough (MA) to see Snow Patrol and U2 in concert. (On a side note. . .  my Army Wives recap/review will be live soon.)

Sooooo . . . the Emmys. Thought the show, overall, was rather dull. The acceptance speeches, relatively vanilla. There was little oomph to keep me glued to the screen, despite Neil Patrick Harris' melodic plea to not touch the remote control. I did, however, like the new genre-based format where they grouped all the awards by category, so when the reality show category came up, I had plenty of time to go to the kitchen and eat some left over apple crisp and do a few other things before returning to the show, notebook in hand. (I'm not a reality show fan.)

How did I do with my who I thought SHOULD win list? My desires were satiated in three categories: My beloved Mad Men won for best drama for the second consecutive year. Ben Linus, er, Michael Emerson got some props for his work on Lost. And the Generalissimo -- a.k.a. Alec Baldwin, 30 
Rock -- got more Emmy love. On all the other major awards, I got smoked, per usual. Told you that I stink at trying to predict these things.

My Pop Culture column this week looks at some of the winners -- and losers -- in particular the shocking Toni Collette win for best actress in a comedy for her work in Showtime's United States of Tara.

What did you think of the Emmy results?

Image credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters via The Guardian.

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