Tuesday, September 22, 2009

U2 in Foxborough, Mass.: Magnificent

After having seen them in concert three previous times, you would've thought that seeing the fortysomething band for a fourth time would've seemed like old hat.

It didn't.

With a delightful mix of new material from No Line on the Horizon ("Moment of Surrender," an "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" remix & "Magnificent"), to tunes I enjoyed when I was a teenager back in the Stone Age ("Where the Streets Have No Name," "With or Without You") and some other favorites ("One" and "Elevation"), the members of U2 proved to be consummate entertainers, even if they don't quite have the agility they did back in the "Sunday Bloody Sunday" days. (I joked with The Spouse that some of the band members looked like soccer dads I see on the sidelines of my kids' games.)

I was surprised that Bono leapt into the arms of a young woman who he'd pulled up on stage and see her walk around carrying him. All I could think of was, "She's gonna drop Bono."

The Irish band Snow Patrol opened for them and played a greatly satisifying set, the best of which were their Grey's Anatomy-kingmaker tune "Chasing Cars" (even though some folks think the song's been overplayed), as well as "Open Your Eyes" and "Crack the Shutters."

Image credit: U2.

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