Monday, October 5, 2009

'Army Wives' Monday: Fire in the Hole

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Army Wives.*

They kept it light in the second to last episode of the Army Wives’ third season by giving a lot of time to the central quartet of Army wives playing in a charitable golf tournament and letting them play off of one another with aplomb. Who knew that Denise was such a serious duffer, who was distinctly Type-A when it comes to the links? I would’ve pegged Claudia Joy as the super-serious golfer, not Denise. To pair Denise with the golfing rookie Roxy, wearing her “I Have Crabs” T-shirt from her sponsor, was good TV, especially when Roxy sped passed another woman with a golf cart as if there were a fast lane.

The lightness of the golfing adventure took the edge off of Jeremy’s desperate, despondent behavior, the drinking, the bar fight busting up The Hump Bar and having to lose his dog Lucky (who he believes saved his life in combat) a second time so closely on the heels of losing his best friend in Iraq a week before they were supposed to arrive home. Previews keep showing Jeremy with a gun.

Meanwhile, Pamela’s anger toward Chase is darkly simmering (“The man I married, he could be a real jerk sometimes but he’d never look at me in the eye and lie. He’s changed.”) and I expect that, in combination with Jeremy’s increasingly agitated state, that next week’s season finale will feature fireworks in the Moran and Sherwood households.

On top of those family crises, another grenade tossed into the mix was the prospect of Fort Marshall being closed down in a Pentagon move to save some cash. Everybody who thinks Fort Marshall’s really going to be closed, raise your hands. Okay, seeing none, I’m movin’ on . . .

Roland was handed the entire therapeutical practice when his partner skedaddled out of town, fearing that their wrongful arrest when they were helping a patient strung out on drugs, would lead to his arrest. For something, some outstanding charges which went unnamed. When Roland pressed for more info, his partner threatened to physically run through him. Like Roland needs more pressure what with a baby at home and his wife serving in Iraq.

Next week’s the season finale, any predictions?

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