Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kate Shows Her Sense of Humor on 'Leno,' Jon Not So Much

THIS is the way the Gosselins should go. Forget the whining on ABC News about how you "despise" your estranged spouse. Forget about complaining to the Today Show about the status of the joint bank account. Forget endorsing milkshakes or cupcakes or Twinkies or whatever the heck Jon was shilling the other day.

Go on a CHARM offensive. The Gosselins have heard of charm, right?

Kate's appearance in the video spoof on The Jay Leno Show -- of "paparazzi" hounding her, and her treating them like children -- is exactly the kind of thing Jon and Kate need to start doing to distract from the whole mess o'ugly they've been dishing out to the national media. This video makes her look like she at least gets how the public sees her and indicates that she's got some kind of a sense of humor.

If Jon appeared in a similar kind of spoof, maybe I'd warm back up to him too (though he's committed so much self-inflicted damage to his image that he's got his work cut out for him, rebuild-wise). Instead of doing some comedy, Jon agreed to be interviewed by Nancy Grace. Bad move dude. Seriously. She smoked you.

Do you think Kate's appearance in a Leno spoof was a good idea or a bad one? Should both Gosselins do more of this or just keep a low profile for the time being?


H said...

Couldn't agree more. I loved that skit! Totally smart and funny!

Working Mom said...

Honestly, I've never liked either of them, and think they should both learn to keep a low profile.

But since they can't seem to do that, I LOVED the Leno spoof - Kate was great, and seemed to get it.

Jon needs to keep his pants zipped, his mouth shut, and make us believe that he does care about his kids' wellbeing more than the paycheck he's out of when he's cut from the show. Nancy Grace was right - in his eyes, it's all about him, isn't it?