Monday, October 5, 2009

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Urging Moms to Pay Attention to Health Insurance Reform Debate

This week's Pop Culture and Politics column at Mommy Tracked is all about the health insurance reform debate on Capitol Hill and why it's an important issue for folks to follow. I provide several reasons, including the little anecdote about the Arizona senator who argued against a measure that would've made his insurance company include maternity care as part of a basic insurance package because HE doesn't need it. (This is a senator who is married, has children and whose adult daughter has a child. Yeah, I think the women in his life needed it.) Oh, and the fact that when women who've had C-sections seek to find new insurance policies, in some cases and in some places around the nation, they're told that they have a "pre-existing condition" and denied coverage.

I don't take a specific stance on what health insurance reform bill -- if any -- deserves support, however I do urge the Mommy Tracked readers to "citizen up" and pay closer attention to what's going on and, if they don't like something, tell 'em to speak the heck up about it to their congressman or woman, and senators.

As I detailed which bills are where in the legislative process -- there are several competing health insuracne reform bills in the House and Senate -- I recommended that, if folks were confused about how this whole bill-to-law process works, they should refresh themselves by watching that "I'm Just a Bill" School House Rock video we watched as kids. Couldn't hurt.

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