Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HBO Releases Artsy 'Big Love' Promo, Premiere Jan. 10

Big Love is slated to return for a fourth season on January 10. The season three finale concluded with Bill Henrickson flying by the seat of his pants and forming his own Church of Bill in his backyard, handing out trays of bread and water for communion to his three wives and their offspring, as Nicki introduced the family to the daughter from her first marriage whom she'd left behind.

So what are we to draw from this promo, that the characters are free-falling through the air and can't quite reach one another, that everything's just a bit out of their grasp. Hmmm.

I also came across a disturbing season four spoiler recently about Margene and a Henrickson kid. (Don't read the Michael Ausiello report from Entertainment Weekly if you don't want a plot turn spoiled.)

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