Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are the Chances of 'V' Returning in March? What's Up with 'FlashForward?'

ABC's sci-fi drama V concluded its first handful of episodes last night with the promise that it'd be back with new episodes in March 2010. But will it?

One TV critic reported that:

"The future of V is about as up in the air as one of those giant spaceships hovering over a major Earth city. The day that the show premiered, ABC announced that a new executive producer/showrunner had been hired to helm the series.

That's not a good sign.

Before that, the network had shut down production shortly after it began -- after the second and third episodes were filmed -- for creative retooling. Executive producer Jeff Bell left the show at that point, replaced as showrunner by executive producer Scott Peters, who wrote the pilot.

. . . After getting off to a very strong start with a very strong pilot episode, ratings fell 26 percent for Episode 2. Then they fell another 16 percent for Episode 3 as the show fell to third-place in its time slot."

Will Anna, the disarmingly attractive alien leader who has the ability to put all her followers into a blissful state by cooing to them over a special Visitor intercom thingie, live to see another day? Will Juliet Burke . . . I mean Erica Evans, the FBI agent who's trying to defeat the "Visitors" from trying to kill all of humankind succeed, with an assist from a local priest, WHILE tending to her work-life balance issues?

More bad news on the sci-fi front, the ABC high-concept drama FlashForward, which I think was just starting to get its footing despite declining ratings -- loved the episode about the man who actually changed his future, proving that the flash-forwards aren't written in stone -- has gone on a "temporary" production hiatus and no one seems to know whether this is an omen of certain doom, particularly when the reason for the hiatus was, according to an ABC spokesman, to "boost the writing . . . They want to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so."

Do you think V and FlashForward have futures? Do they deserve to air another day?

Image credit: ABC.

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