Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Illustrator Gets Inspiration from 'Mad Men'

I've written frequently in this space about the fabulous illustrations Dyna Moe has crafted featuring Mad Men characters and episodes. (She's also the one who designed the icons for "Mad Men Yourself." )

Today, courtesy of an NPR blog, I came across another artist who drew inspiration from one of the best shows on television. Illustrator Danny Hellman wrote in his blog:

"I'm hopelessly addicted to Matthew Weiner's wonderful AMC series Mad Men, so when Boston Phoenix Art Director Kristen Goodfriend asked in early November if I'd like to draw a Mad Men-themed cover, I felt the familiar rush of nervous excitement that accompanies every dream assignment. I can't speak for other illustrators, but when I'm asked to draw something that I love, the stakes are somehow higher. I suppose that's because in these rare instances, I'm working not just to please the art director, but also myself as a fan.

At first, Kristen said that the Mad Men cover would be part of the Phoenix's Ski Guide, although neither of us knew how they'd manage to connect the show to skiing. Fortunately, the editors soon decided that their Christmas Gift Guide cover would be more appropriate for the Mad Men treatment, and I agreed that this was a much better fit."

The image above is what he came up with, based on the season three finale, "Shut the Door. Have a Seat," where the new firm of Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce met for the first time in a hotel room at Christmas time. Hellman's blog contains other Mad Men-Christmas themed images he created for the Phoenix.

Image credit: Danny Hellman.

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