Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home Shopping Success, State Senate Bid, Rolling Dice W/Casino All in a New 'Big Love' Trailer

This first substantive Big Love season four trailer was released by HBO yesterday and it was loaded with potentially intriguing and explosive stuff:

Bill (creator of the backyard Church of Bill during last season's finale) wants to move forward with his scheme to become a casino mogul AND run for state senate? That's a lot of work he's got on his plate: Running two home improvement stores, launching a new casino, having three wives, parenting tons of kids, running your own church AND running for statewide office. And this guy doesn't even use caffeine. Marg is doing well with her home shopping business, there's another trial involving polygamy and, in the wake of Roman Grant's death, there's a struggle over that white prophet's hat at the Juniper Creek.

The new season begins on January 10.

What storyline are you most interested in with the new season?


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