Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sara Ramirez's Silent Night/'Grey's Anatomy' Video

One of the things I really liked about the recent Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's episode of Grey's Anatomy -- "Holidaze" -- was the music. I went to the show's web page the day after it aired seeking to download several of the tunes (Ingrid Michaelson's Snowfall) used to amplify the mood during the emotional episode. (My favorite scenes involved Bailey and her dad, and Meredith and her de facto dad Richard).

What I was really seeking as I browsed through the list of tunes was the a cappella version of Silent Night sung by Sara Ramirez who plays Dr. Callie Torres. While I haven't yet found this particular recording made available in a downloadable form, ABC has posted a music video where scenes from the current season of Grey's are shown as we hear Ramirez's beautiful rendition plays. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Please... i really need this version of song...if you have can you give and can you answer me on

thanks a lot...please

Anonymous said...

ABC streamed it for one day. Very generous, but someone managed to capture it:

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you,

Hey folks I don't send many mass emails but I am hoping you can
support a good cause. In case you missed it Sara Ramirez aka (Dr.
Callie Torres) sang Silent night over the Christmas episode of Grey's
Anatomy. She did an amazing job and there has been so much demand that
the song has been released on and will soon be up on
iTunes. It is a beautiful version of a classic and I hope you download
it and add it to your holiday rotation. All of the proceeds are going
the Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation. Please support the foundation
and the artist by downloading the song. Please forward this to anyone
who may be interested as well. Thank you for your support and
interest. I hope to see you soon.

Here is the link

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