Monday, February 1, 2010

'Big Love' Implodes

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Big Love.*

There were so many stunning aspects to the latest episode of Big Love, "The Mighty and the Strong," that I can't decide which one took the cake as the weirdest, most over-the-top thread:

-- Margene and Ben (Margene confessed to Bill that she has non-maternal feelings for 18-year-old Ben, Bill agreed that his son should leave the family home -- which reminded me of the other boys who were sent away from Juniper Creek after they coveted older polygamist men's assigned spouses, plus Margene's painfully tearful rant on the home shopping channel about being "abandoned" by her husband which is CERTAIN to draw media attention, how could it not?)

-- Don the Doormat. (Poor Don Embry took the fall to preserve Bill's political career by outing himself and his family as polygamists so Bill's political rivals would back off claims that Home Plus was employing polygamists.)

Barb and the Casino. (She hit an Indian woman with her car, Barb's daughter Sarah was secretly caring for the woman's baby and was then reluctant to give the baby back to his meth-addicted mom on the reservation because she was still mourning her miscarriage from last season.)

J.J. and Adaleen. (*speechless*)

Love-struck Alby broke into a house and cooked dinner. (I cannot tell if Alby is playing this guy or wants to make a secret life with him, or both.)

What did you think was the weirdest element of the new installment of Big Love?

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