Monday, February 1, 2010

'thirtysomething' Season 2 DVD, Still Relevant 21 Years Later

Longtime readers of Notes from the Asylum are already familiar with my longtime admiration for thirtysomething which, for years, I gnashed my teeth over the fact that it was unavailable on DVD.

Last August, the first season was finally (!) released on DVD. Now, a short time later, the second season of the angsty, yuppie drama has been released as well.

After watching the 17 episodes of the sophomore season, I devoted my Pop Culture column this week to how relevant the work/life/parenting issues remain, despite the fact that Hope Steadman typed her freelance articles on a typewriter and shoulder pads were still in fashion.

I concluded:

"Looking at today’s pop culture landscape, I can find no current TV dramas which capture the gloriously messy and stressful, day-to-day slog of child-rearing, work and marriage as deftly and incisively as this 21-year-old series did. In this case, analog still trumps the digital."

Image credit: Shout Factory.

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