Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Fingers Crossed for 'Parenthood'

Loved, loved, loved the 1989 film Parenthood starring Steve Martin. Loved how it covered parenthood from the beginning (with pregnancy, infancy and childhood), all the way through being the parent of grown adults. It provided a wonderful depiction of parenthood as a continuum where, on the one hand, you're doing everything for your young child and coaching his Little League team, and on the other hand you're dealing with an adult offspring by providing hands off support, wisdom and babysitting services.

So I'm left to wonder if the new NBC dramedy Parenthood -- starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson -- will be as good as the movie, or, perhaps, even better because it can delve into issues with more depth? Will it be a different, more drama-focused version of Modern Family without becoming, say, a Brothers & Sisters sans a vineyard?

NBC has finally released some longer clips of the show, which premieres March 2.

What do you think?

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