Friday, February 19, 2010

Notes on Pop Culture: 'Grey's' Flashed Back, 'Private Practice's' Naomi Wised Up & Olympians Fell

*Warning, minor spoilers from recent episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice*

The Picture-in-Picture option on my TV got a hearty workout Thursday night as I put the Olympics (men's ice skating in particular) into a small box on the lower righthand corner of the screen while I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice on the big picture.

Grey's featured flashbacks (a little Lost trick) for three characters. Bailey, Webber and Torres each recalled a case from the past that had an impact on them. My favorite part of the episode was seeing Miranda Bailey as a timid first year intern and who wore pink-rimmed glasses and drank fruity drinks with umbrellas in them before she evolved into the tough Bailey we know and love. My CliqueClack TV post on "The Time Warp" is here.

Meanwhile, Private Practice indulged in more sick/dying kid drama (I think the writers must own stock in Kleenex . . . or Zololoft), closed the loop on the Maya's pregnant/getting married to her 15-year-old baby daddy story and Naomi finally dispensed with her foul attitude and woman-ed up. Kind of. Well, for the time being. Or at least for the "'Til Death Do Us Part" episode, which I wrote about here. Actually, she just showed up to the wedding. Who knows if she'll actually resume mothering her kid.

As for the Olympics . . . what the heck is up with all these skating-related falls? Have there been more falls than in previous years or does it just seem that way?

When I watched the pairs ice skating competitions earlier this week it seemed as though couples which didn't have a spill were the exceptions. Last night, male skater after male skater hit the ice, and not in a good way. Pair this with the brutal skiing wipeouts and the luger death last week and perhaps even the curlers at the Vancouver winter Olympics should consider wearing protective gear. Who knew Canada was so dangerous?

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