Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Will You be 'Lost' Tonight?

I will be, although I can't decide whether to be excited about the season premiere which kicks off the final season of Lost, or if I should keep my expectations low.

Fans of the show seem to be largely of two minds:

1. The final season can't possibly meet expectations and provide "reasonable" answers to the main questions that will make all these hours of head-scratching TV viewing worth it. (This is my husband's position.)


2. Since the writers had a series end date in mind, they must've thoroughly thought this all through and will deliver a conclusion to Lost that will leave us fans feeling satisfied. (This is my hopeful position.)

Among the naysayers is Boston Globe writer, Mark Feeney, who wrote that in order to continue to embrace the show through its various ups and downs, you'd need to be a fan of what he called, "implausibility porn" and be okay with that. "We all like a dollop, or more, of implausibility," he said. "Otherwise why bother with superheroes and infallible private eyes and Jedi knights. But even in a galaxy far, far away, the basic rules of cause and effect are expected to apply."

For Feeney, those rules of "cause and effect" were violated on Lost when he felt as though he could no longer suspend his disbelief while observing all these coincidences, specifically last season's scene when Desmond Hume happened to arrive "in Los Angeles to see [Daniel] Faraday’s mother at the exact same instant Ben, Jack, and Sun show up." That was it for Feeney, he wrote, adding, ". . . [I]t was the serendipity that broke the camel’s back. This wasn’t wallowing. This was drowning."

So, where do we go from here? I'm optimistic that there won't be horrific shark jumping in the final season. (*fingers crossed and knocking on wood*) We left off in the 1970s with a grieviously wounded Juliet flailing away at the H-bomb with a rock hoping the bomb would detonate and, essentially, re-set the clock and alter future events. Was Jack right about his prediction that setting off this bomb would be a good thing?

ABC has released a teaser video which they named, "Message in a Bottle." However if you are averse to spoilers, do not, I repeat, do not watch the video. You've been warned.


Poncho said...

Do you hear that? Of course not, because the show "jumped the shark" a couple of seasons ago and the shark has long ago been hauled away.

Dennis said...

The show has gotten ridiculous. I can suspend belief or accept the implausibility, but the story has to hold and the characters have to be consistent. The story has zigged and zagged so many times as have the characters motivations and alliances that its hard to accept or root for anything or anyone. I will give it a chance, but may not even care to stick with it if it zig-zags anymore.