Thursday, February 4, 2010

'Lost:' Comparing Jack's Plane Rides, Plus New 'Lost Untangled' Video

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Lost.*

I wasn't on the internet late Tuesday through yesterday -- pressing family matter -- therefore I haven't yet been able to weigh in on the first episode of the final season of Lost. I'm going to echo what Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes wrote on Twitter today, "Saw LOST twice. Am very confused. Am happy about the chance to be confused over LOST again."

Well, I've only seen the premiere but a single time, however I'm planning on watching it a second time with The Spouse when he's available. And I too, like Rhimes, am very happy to be once again scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck's going on on Lost.

Some reactions:

-- I absolutely did not expect to see twin storylines for the same characters in different points of time and living under different circumstances. It threw me to see two Jack Shephards, the uncrashed Jack and the post-crash/post-Jughead/still-on-the-island Jack; the uncrashed Sun and post-crash/post-Jughead/still-on-the-island Sun, etc. Are we going to see parallel lives being played out so we can compare and contrast whether Jack's decision to push everyone to return to the island and detonate Jughead -- to change the past and the future -- was a wise one? Is this a destiny vs fate kinda thing?

-- I was not at all happy to see yet another set of "Others" on the island, more oddly dressed people bashing the our Losties over the head and dragging them places against their will, doing freaky stuff, sounding alarms and refusing to answer reasonable questions.

-- So Dead John Locke is now the Man in Black (He Who Shall Not Be Named) who can morph into the Smoke "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" Monster? I miss Locke already.

-- Wasn't Ben Linus uncharacteristically wimpy? He didn't resemble the master manipulator we've grown to know and love. I want Evil Ben back.

In the meantime, while reading the Entertainment Weekly PopWatch blog, I found this great viral video which compares moments of Jack's two Oceanic 815 flights, the one that crashed and the one that didn't.

ABC has also released a Lost Untangled video attempting to clarify what happened in the first two hours of season six of Lost. (They started doing this last year after folks complained that, with the addition of time travel, the show was too confusing.)

What did you think of the premiere? Notice any significant differences between Jack's plane rides? What do you think of the parallel storylines?

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