Monday, April 12, 2010

'SNL' Had Best Spoof on the Census Yet

I finally caught up with the latest episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Tina Fey and featuring the Teen-Boy-Who-Needs-a-Haircut-But-Doesn't-Shave-Yet.

Thought chocolate husband bit was stupid. Wasn't a fan of the Tiger Woods sketch. Thought the Sarah Palin TV network thing was mildly amusing. (Fey didn't look as much like a Palin Doppelganger this time. I couldn't put my finger on why. The hair, something just didn't look right.) The hot for teacher/Justin Bieber/Fey-wants-to-give-him-a-bath-thing got me to crack a smile amidst my discomfort. (If they did that kind of a sketch with a 15-year-old girl it would be just gross.

My favorite moment? The opening about the census and how it's not a conspiracy by the federal government to pry into your personal life. Priceless.

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Cooley Horner said...

I only caught the bits of the episode that featured in their SNL recap, but I agree it wasn't the best ever. Fey would have been better off writing her own material, and yes, the Palin look was off (I think they are using weird bangs on the wing--they're straight, when Sarah's are actually long and swept to the side--WHY DO I KNOW THIS!?). I love that census bit, though, and I hadn't seen it yet. Thanks for the link!