Monday, June 28, 2010

Lots O’ New ‘Fresh Start’ ‘Mad Men’ Promos from AMC

AMC just released a whole bunch of new promos for Mad Men’s fourth season – a few of them which had already been posted on YouTube two weeks ago -- emphasizing a “fresh start” for Don, Betty, Roger, Joan, Pete and Peggy.

I continue to wonder whether any of their "starts," or re-starts as the case may or may not be, can REALLY be all that fresh given that all these folks are still tied tightly together, no matter how much they may wish that they weren’t.

I found the promo for Joan – whom the video suggests is disappointed that her marriage to Greg hasn’t turned out to be what she thought it would be – and the one for Peggy – the only positive, hopeful, “Go Peggy go!” one – most intriguing.

Still countin’ down to the July 25 premiere.

To see all the promos, go to the Mad Men site.

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