Monday, June 21, 2010

What to Read Into the 'Mad Men' Season 4 Poster

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello got a sneak peek of the promotional poster for the fourth season of Mad Men.

Dapper Don’s back in a downtown high rise, not in a hotel room where we last saw the upstart Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce based. The glass walled room is empty but for a black telephone lying on the white floor. He’s smoking a cigarette and is staring out at the city, not looking altogether comfortable.

Sure, it looks like he's got a new, fresh, clean start, however Don's post-divorce life can't really be clean given that he and Betty have three kids to raise together and that his real name's not Don Draper. I really hope he doesn't become an absentee father in his attempt to start over, if nothing else, Don has always seemed as though he intensely loved his kids.

What do you get from this poster?

Image credit: AMC vis Entertainment Weekly.


Cooley Horner said...

Oh, I think Don will fight to keep his kids. Honestly, I don't think Betty really wanted much to do with Sally and Bobby. She only took one kid with her to Reno, after all. I think she wants a clean break, and she seems tired of saying "Go watch TV" all the time.

I'm very intrigued by the poster. I admittedly like last year's--featuring Don's disinterested stare as he's waist-deep in water--but it's an interesting setup for this season. Only a few weeks to go!

alan.belniak said...

Since Don is in advertising, and Betty's new beau is in politics, it would be a great episode/sub-plot if Betty's beau's competitor hired Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to manage his campaign. That would surely get Don fired up, but also give him pause on what, if anything, he'd want to smear publicly.

Meredith O'Brien said...

Alan -- That would be absolutely fascinating. I'm hoping they use Henry's political vocation more prominently in the fourth season.

And Cooley, wouldn't it be interesting to see Don as a single dad?