Thursday, June 17, 2010

As 'Entourage' Enters Its 7th Season, Can't Decide, Is It Over for the Boys?

As I watched the trailer for the seventh season of Entourage -- which premieres on June 27 on HBO -- I couldn’t decide: Has this show run its course yet or is there some more drama to be enjoyed here?

Last season was wildly uneven and I started getting that been-there, done-that feeling as I grew increasingly irritated with nearly every character, most of whom felt stagnant man-boys (with the exception of E, who finally seems to be growing up).

HBO’s new promo asks the question, what happens after you’ve got it all? Well certainly you’d have a lot to lose, but haven’t we already gone that route with these characters, specifically in season four when, on the heels of the success with Aquaman, Vince's career plummeted after Medellin?

Is anyone looking forward to Entourage’s new season?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely looking forward to the new season. If everything else sucks there is always Ari!

What did you think about the True Blood premiere?

Meredith O'Brien said...

I agree. Ari's always fun to watch, along with Lloyd.

Haven't watched True Blood.