Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amid the New Shows, Four Favorites Airing Season 1 Repeats

Image credit: ABC Family
While there’s ample fresh material on primetime TV with new and returning shows all over the TV schedule (The Good Wife premieres its second season tonight), a number of the freshman seasons of some well liked/loved shows are currently airing in repeats on cable:

Gilmore Girls: My daughter and I, both fans of the Gilmore Girls (feel free to play “Six Degrees of Lorelai Gilmore”), have enjoyed the season one repeats on the ABC Family channel of the sassy mother-daughter duo and the loony antics of their Stars Hollow neighbors. At this point in the first season, Lorelai’s already broken up with Max once, Rory’s still pretty new to Chilton and they haven’t met Rachel yet.

Friday Night Lights: ABC Family is also in the midst of running season one of Friday Night Lights, starting back when Eric Taylor was the new Dillon head football coach and Tami was Dillon High's guidance counselor. Issues ranging from former Dillon QB Jason Street dealing with his sudden paralysis to racial tensions at Dillon High all made FNL’s freshman season powerful.

Grey's Anatomy: Want to go back to square one with Grey’s Anatomy? Lifetime is, this week, airing the first few episodes of the medical drama, before the mass shooting, before Gizzie, before Denny and before the ferry boat accident, or, as some former fans might say, back when the show was edgy and new and McShiny.

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Lifetime has also started airing Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ funny and sarcastic The New Adventures of Old Christine, featuring Louis-Dreyfus' Christine, a deeply flawed divorced mom who lives with her brother and is prone to make an idiot of herself. It’s good to see this show get a new home, particularly after CBS execs treated it so badly.

Image credit: ABC Family.

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