Thursday, September 30, 2010

Notes on Pop Culture: Sally Can't Watch 'Mad Men,' Cam & Mitch Kiss & 'Parenthood' Really Solid

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Sally Can’t Watch Mad Men

How much do I love reading stories like this? The parents of 10-year-old actress Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sally Draper on Mad Men, don’t let her watch most parts of the show in which she appears, reported the Associated Press. “I’m not allowed to watch the show,” Shipka told the AP. “My mom will tape it and then show me the scenes she feels are appropriate.”

Shipka continued to charm in a different interview, this time with New York Magazine telling an interviewer that she likes the Beatles -- like her on-camera persona Sally did -- and that “Here Comes the Sun” is her favorite Beatles tune. My favorite part was this exchange:

New York Magazine: . . . [W]hat’s the biggest question [fans] have about Jon Hamm?

Shipka: They’ll just come up to me and go, ‘Is he gorgeous?’ [Laughs.] Something – something like that.

NYM: Okay, so I guess I should ask you that question: Is he gorgeous?

Shipka: Is he gorgeous? [Laughs.] Well, I’m 10, so . . . I can’t really answer that question . . . I suppose . . .”

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Cam & Mitch’s Low-Keyed Modern Family Kiss

After the minor controversy (mostly online) over whether the gay couple on Modern Family would ever share an on-screen kiss, the writers delivered in a sweet, real way . . . with a storyline about Mitch’s difficulty (inherited from his father) in publicly displaying affection. When Cameron and Mitchell finally did kiss, it was discreet and in the background and felt authentic.

Parenthood Really Solid

After an uneven start last season, Parenthood continues to get better and better as I continue to strongly identify with its characters. From a mom trying to compete with her teen’s friend’s rich parents and a dad trying to make his son have an interest in him, to a helicopter mom hijacking her daughter’s campaign for class president, the writing has been solid. I reviewed the recent episode over on Clique Clack TV.

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