Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall TV Previews: 'Grey's Anatomy' Releases Season 7 Promo Posters

Grey’s Anatomy had one of the best season finales of the spring back in May with its taut, grisly shooter-in-Seattle Grace storyline. (Refresh your memory with my season six finale review for CliqueClack TV here. Just watching the video below gave me that edge-of-your-seat feeling all over again.)

Derek sustained a serious gunshot wound. Alex was shot and bleeding out. Owen was shot in the shoulder. Meredith miscarried her baby. Two Mercy Westers were murdered, one shot to the head, another shot then bled out in Dr. Bailey’s arms. The hospital staff was completely traumatized as more than one person (Owen, the Chief, Meredith) put him- or herself in harm’s way in order to save others.

When Grey’s Anatomy returns on Sept. 23, it’ll be in the wake of all this violent carnage. In the meantime, ABC has released several promotional posters for the medical drama’s seventh season all of which are a bit edgy, a long way from the emphasis on the sexcapades in on-call rooms, and all feature some take on the theme of “healing.”

Viewers can vote on Grey’s Anatomy’s Facebook page for their favorite poster. I think they’re all pretty arresting images, though I have to agree with Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that the one featuring Derek, with his piercing blue eye through the heart shape, is the most haunting. The poster featuring Meredith is good as well.

Image credits: ABC via Entertainment Weekly.

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